How It Works: Diesel Electric Locomotive
York-Durham Heritage Railway engineer, Brad L. explains the basics of how a diesel electri...
published: 25 Jun 2012
Diesel-electric homemade vehicle.
This is an experimental project. Initially, it ran on batteries but when we got it, those ...
published: 25 Jul 2013
Railways in Britain 1959 - Development of British diesel, electric and steam trains
This promotional film was produced in 1959 to educate the general public about the develop...
published: 09 Oct 2011
author: Ella73TV2
EMotionhybrids.com Diesel Electric vs Hybrids Dave Tether
Video Whiteboard Explains the basic differences between a Diesel Electric System and EMoti...
published: 27 Nov 2007
Hino 195h Diesel-Electric Hybrid Video
The Hino 195h Diesel-Electric Hybrid cab-over represents a giant leap for low-emission com...
published: 07 Dec 2012
Live Diesel Electric model locomotive NP F7, British Class 66, Pennsylvania T1.m4v
Gauge 1 live diesel/electric, Northern Pacific EMD F7 built on MTH chassis, British Class ...
published: 15 Jun 2012
author: Jerry Hyde
1 Hour Relaxing Engine Sound (diesel electric locomotive 2TE10)
This is one of a series of videos designed for various needs:- as a calming sound to play ...
published: 03 Mar 2014
The Top 10 Best Diesel-Electric Submarine in the World
The Top 10 Best Diesel-Electric Submarine....
published: 25 Dec 2010
deltic diesel electric train cold start up
i belive a deltic diesel electric train start up from cold and makes lots of smoke .i am n...
published: 09 Jan 2010
author: ROOSTER1067
TRAXX AC with Last Mile diesel-electric engine
There is a new version of this video available: Watch here: http://youtu.be/5qCUPhzJf_0....
published: 28 Nov 2011
Vin Diesel: Electric Boogaloo/Break Dance
Video of a young Vin Diesel break dancing, and getting kicked in the nuts....
published: 24 Dec 2007
author: Braincleaner
British diesel, electric and steam trains in 1959 - "British Locomotives"
"British Locomotives" was produced in 1959, and shows the development of British diesel, e...
published: 25 May 2011
author: PoathTV
Wider 150 Hybrid Diesel Electric Luxury Yacht
Wider 150 project video....
published: 13 Jul 2012
Green Energy Diesel Electric Hybrid Conversion Kit
This video is the first of many. We are passionate about bringing an end to America's addi...
published: 11 Mar 2012
Youtube results:
Diesel-electric circular saw
Something that you don't see every day :). Old stationary diesel: 6 to 12 HP 6KW, three-ph...
published: 17 Sep 2013
How It's Made - Locomotives
Discovery and Science Channel's How It's Made Locomotives episode. All copyrights go to th...
published: 11 Feb 2014
Medley einiger Lieder aus dem Repertoir der Rock-Cover Band DIESEL-ELECTRIC. Pressemappe: ...
published: 27 Feb 2014
Mercedes-Benz S-class S300 BlueTEC Hybrid - diesel-electric hybrid system
Mercedes-Benz S-class S300 BlueTEC Hybrid - diesel-electric hybrid system,...
published: 02 May 2014